Tom is a graphic, type, vector, pixel and web designer and artist, technology enthusiast and geek. He develops websites just like this one, alongside various art, photography, and development work. He prides himself in never having been outdone in terms of design speed, or any face-to-face battle in Adobe Photoshop.

Since dialup internet first became available in the UK he made websites, usually preferring to code by hand. With extensive experience working both solo and as part of a team, freelance or in-house, on a wide array of projects for large variety of clients, he has valuable people and communication skills gleaned during time in the performing arts, retail and hospitality industries, which makes him equally at ease working with seasoned industry professionals or dealing directly with clients.

Being considerably accomplished in tutoring clients to ensure they truly understand the website/product they are commissioning, he welcomes clients both technically proficient, inexperienced, or anything in between.

You should totally hire him.